Ready Set Smile Staff 

Ready Set Smile Board Members

Executive Director:

Jody McCardle 

Board of Directors:

Chair: Adele Della Torre, DDS – ADT Dental Founder and Co-Owner

Vice Chair: Alice M. Ottavi, DDS-ADT Dental Co-Owner

Treasurer: Ron Feldman- Federal Reserve Bank

Secretary: JoAnn Boraas, DDS

Board Members:

Daniel Gumnit – Executive Director, People Serving People

Karl Self, DDS – Director of Dental Therapy, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry

Marion Greene - Hennepin County Commissioner

Abdulkadir Shire - Community Dentist University of Minnesota

Maria Canar Zambrano - Community Member, Jeremiah Program

Judy Peterson - Delta Dental, Human Resources

Ready Set Smile Founders